About the Company

PCE Instruments was founded in 1999 as an engineering office in the Sauerland Meschede-Freienohl by engineers Nöcker, Espenhahn and Vielhaber. It quickly became apparent after the company was founded, that in addition to the advice of industrial plants for process optimization, marketing of innovative, high-performance measurement technology is very popular among the clients in industry and crafts.
So it was decided in 2002, the business model to switch to focus on the trade of professional measuring and testing technology. So sells PCE Instruments since 2004 metrology under his own name.

In course of time, PCE Instruments has developed into a European-wide company for measuring and weighing. additional offices were quickly with own warehouses established to ensure a fast delivery within Europe. In the period from 2003 to 2015 PCE Instruments branches were opened in the following countries: Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, France and Poland. In addition, recognizing the company’s founder, that the market in the US and in the Far East has great potential. The branch, founded in 2014 in the USA one after a few months to one of the most important of the entire family PCE Instruments.

PCE Instruments attaches great importance to its own development and improvement of products in the areas of measuring, weighing, control and laboratory technology in addition to sales of professional and cheaper metrology. The PCE, founded specifically for this purpose production and development company with several employees ensures a continuous improvement process. The production and development company ensures that can be received even in small batches to customer requests.

An integrated in the building of the PCE production and development company calibration laboratory offers customers the opportunity to allow certify at PCE Instruments acquired gauges ISO. In laboratory built Measuring, Testing and calibration technology guarantees seamless, documented calibration of measurement and testing. Meanwhile, test certificates for the following physical quantities of PCE Instruments may be issued: sound, force, weight and temperature.

PCE Instruments Your global partner for high-performance measuring, weighing, control and laboratory technology!