Case Study – PCE-KD5 & PCE-100 RAR monitoring a wind turbine

To evaluate the performance of wind turbines and determine the status of the generator, gearbox, etc., we were the owner of a wind farm in search of a data logger to interrogate our sensors. At an experimental wind turbine of this data logger should be installed and can be read from time to time by our service team. Looking on the Internet for data logger for permanent installation, we are quickly encountered PCE Instruments. On the very comprehensive website we found the data logger PCE-KD3, which … can store 20 mA signals up to 8. 4 To determine whether this screen recorder is the right equipment for our application, we called at PCE Instruments and let us connect with technical advice. There we marked our measuring task and we were informed that this analog recorder PCE-KD3 is suitable in principle, but one can imagine that the data logger PCE-KD5 is better for our application.

The recorder PCE-KD5 is a modular data logger, which can process over 3 I / O slots for up to 48 analog input signals. Similarly, relay cards for alarm control in the recorder can be installed in place of input cards. Since this data logger a RS485 Modbus interface is always installed, additional sensors can be connected here. In addition, the recorder can be equipped with an Ethernet interface, which allows to read out the data logger via a network and fernzuwirken. paperless recorder PCE-KD5

Well, we asked ourselves after talking the question why they recommend us to better data logger. Do we really need an Ethernet interface? At the site of the windmill no Internet was indeed present. Without further ado, we performed again a phone call with PCE Instruments and wore our questions before.
They explained to us that in combination with the remote maintenance Router PCE-RAR 100 and a 3G modem, we have a plug and play access to the PCE-KD5 datalogger.

The remote maintenance Router PCE-RAR 100 is a combination of the router and the dongle PCE-RAR 100D. The router is continuously connected to the secure server and sends an “Alive message” to the server. Dobald the dongle is plugged into one Internet-connected PC, this connection is interrupted and taken up a secure VPN connection to the router. VPN remote maintenance Router PCE-100 RAR

We have so to see the possibility all current measured values in the browser and read out the memory of the PCE-KD5 about the software. Another advantage of the router PCE-100 RAR is that we can connect other Ethernet devices installed in the wind turbine as our PLC motor control and thus have a long-range effect of all components in the wind turbine.

Now we was clear why they had recommended us the PCE-KD5 with Ethernet. We save so a month several thousand euros, now that we no longer have service technicians for wind turbine Send. The reading of the measured values and the programming of the controller can so easily be done from the office by the service technician.

Now that our needs were identified and brought us the technical advice of PCE Instruments on the right path it came to the implementation of this project.

PCE Instruments offered us the complete measurement electronics Plug and Play before to mount, so we only need to connect the measuring system to the data logger and remote maintenance Router to our sensors. PCE Instruments created a circuit diagram and we agreed together small changes from. were after all the details matched We awarded the construction contract to PCE Instruments.

After nearly 3 weeks since the initial contact with PCE Instruments you gave us our data logger PCE-KD5, completed and connected from the control cabinet. We just had our sensors on the attached sockets connect and could lay off immediately.

Conclusion after 4 months of use: We are still thrilled with the expert advice of PCE, also with support questions about the data logger you stood us with words and deeds. Assistance in programming the data logger were not a problem. Also, the data logger itself is one of the best we had so far in the field of measurement and control technology in use. The modularity and functionality are unbeatable in the field.

In this project PCE Instruments built the following devices:

paperless recorder PCE-KD5 VPN remote maintenance Router PCE-100 RAR

The following measuring instruments were installed to by the customer Measurement:

power meter PCE-ND20 humidity and temperature sensor PCE-P18-1