Scope of application – Clamp meter PCE-HDC 10

For use in my electric mode, for a quick check of alternating currents I was looking for a current probe. When searching the internet I found out at PCE Instruments.

Here my current PCE-HDC 10 noticed due to their compact size. The current probe is only about 19 cm high and can sometimes be quickly stowed in the side pocket of his pants. In addition to the AC current measurement up to 400 A current clamp can measure DC and AC voltages up to 600V. The test leads are supplied for this current clamp. Further, this instrument has a continuity tester, fast connections can be tested with and a resistance measurement.

In addition to the current probe and the measuring lines I liked that a storage pouch is. Thus, the pliers in the tool box is well protected and does not scratch so quickly during transport.

I sit for several months, the PCE-HDC 10 current probe now almost every day and want to do without a single day on it. Especially in the service of this meter is almost irreplaceable.

All information on the current probe, see the PCE Instruments Online Store

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