Case Study – Wind Data Logger PCE-WL 2

Before installing a small wind turbine was recommended to me by the installing company of cogeneration perform a site survey. By searching the internet I found data loggers in establishing wind data logger from PCE Instruments. Above all, the wind data logger PCE-WL 2. This data logger operates autonomously on battery power and seemed to me for my purpose more than adequate. To this make sure that the data logger also fulfills what I imagined, I have caught me with technical advice via email a few more details. Here informed me the support that the data logger for my purpose is very well suited. Without further ado, I have the data logger then ordered via email at PCE Instruments.

The data logger came after only one day with me, I had prepared myself for a longer delivery time, because I was told the consultation that the data logger are currently very popular.
The data logger PCE-WL 2 consists of a Schalenkreuzanemomter, an anemometer mast on Windrose and a small waterproof electronics. Delivered, the device with the batteries and a memory card. On the memory card contains a configuration and an evaluation tool.

Since the data logger was not delivered fully connected, I could extend the cable from the anemometer yet for my purposes. Since I was not sure if this is possible without any problems, I called briefly at the PCE hotline. Here informed you that an extension of the cable to 15m constitutes no problem. Said and done, extended cable and according to the electronics. The illustrated instructions attached.

Now the data logger had to be configured. For this I found on the memory card a small tool, which makes easy the Datenloggerdie device electronics. Here I chose the storage interval is 10 minutes, because I so reach the highest measurement accuracy. As anemometer should be chosen in this configuration PCE-KWG. Click Save, insert the card into the data logger and the batteries and have the data logger PCE-WL 2 is ready for use.

Now the data logger is only needed to be installed. To this end, I installed in my garden a mast and mounted the anemometer on the top and the data logger on Boden.Datenlogger wind completely
Now the data logger is in my garden for about 4 months. The evaluation of the measured data is still pending, but I think that this will not be a problem using the software.
Conclusion: The data logger is very robust and strong winds make the meter from nothing. The configuration is simple. The electrical connection is designed to be a bit difficult, but solvable. To evaluate the measured data I can at this point to say anything.

Further information about the data logger PCE-WL 2: