Knowledge – Excel provides measured value represents a date

In the view of data in Excel, it often happens that a floating point number, for example, represented 12.5 as the date (05/12/1900). This error can occur if, for example, a CSV file is opened directly in Excel or an important step was skipped when importing data via the Excel Import Wizard.

The error can be relatively easily resolved. In the last window before the completion of the import of the measured values to Excel you must click on the button “More …”. In the then appearing window you switch the way the separator.

Excelimport Messwert als Datum

As the decimal point, and as 1000 separator is selected. Then must be confirmed with “OK” and “Finish” the import of finished.

This approach can be applied to many gauges, scales and weather stations (for example, PCE-FWS 20).