Knowledge – meaning calibrate metering devices?

In the following article we describe what calibration of measuring instruments and balances means.

Why must gauges or scales to be calibrated?

For example, because your operating according to ISO 9000, QS 9000, GLP, GLM … is certified and you may only use calibrated test equipment, measuring instruments and balances in the company. To receive a certificate to prove this after calibration.

What is calibration?

The PCE Germany GmbH offers a wide range of measuring instruments and scales. All delivered measuring instrument is supplied calibrated and work within the tolerance range specified in the instructions or data sheet. Calibration means that this specified accuracy the meter reading is determined by the correct value of the measured variable. Here the meter an object is given with a known degree ago – a so-called normal – and determines the deviation of the reading from the known measure. The result and the associated uncertainty are recorded in a calibration certificate.

Which is different calibration and adjustment?

During a calibration, no intervention which changes the measuring device is carried out. The calibration and the calibration certificate certifying the metrological characteristics of the measuring instruments and the traceability to national standards. When adjusting or adjustment of measuring instruments on the one hand carried an expert engaged in the measurement system, in which case the measured values of the device are precisely adjusted. On the other hand, there is the possibility that the measured variables are adjusted so that it arrives at the measurement to the smallest possible deviation from the true value


Verschiedene Kalibrierscheine und Zertifikate

If a factory or ISO calibration or DAkkS (formerly DKD) calibration required?

Factory or ISO calibration certificates are created using normal, are subject to regular inspection equipment. The return of the normal used in this case is ensured through a regular inspection equipment. Factory calibration can be considered sufficient if the calibration accuracy of measuring and test equipment is important, but do not serve the equipment as normal.
DAkkS calibration certificates are calibration certificates that can only be created by DAkkS accredited calibration. certified DAkkS calibrated means and otherwise meets the requirements of a DAkkS calibration laboratory that the calibration according to DAkkS standards. Thus, the DAkkS calibration certificate is internationally comparable and ensures that all relevant variables including the uncertainty / traceability are considered. Abroad, the calibration certificates issued by the DAkkS formerly DKD are accepted as binding.